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Cleanser Details


Why use this SSAA+ massaging cleanser?

Make your facial cleansing a delightful experience, by deluging yourself in the opulent blend of orange, Acia extract with liquid cucumber extract.

SSAA+ cleanser has been a part of a beauty regime for men & women. Though it just looks like lotion and smells like fresh lavender & Roses. SSAA+ Cleanser carries a number of benefits.

It is a very good in purifying the skin and protects it from bacterial infections. It is also a brilliant skin toner as it tones the skin and helps removing dirt, makeup and oil from the skin. It helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and reduces thread veins and broken capillaries.

It is also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin, and Provides calming effect on acne and eczema.

FACE CLEANSER The routine of cleansing and accessories of everyone‘s is very important so formulated with the help of nature's ingredients SSAA+ BY NATURE collection comprise of only and only herbal extracts and essential 3', ’ oils which deeply cleanses and nourish your skin.